Events and Training

Why organise training?

  • Training encourages and refreshes experienced workers.
  • Training gives opportunities for less experienced workers to gain ideas and develop their gifts.
  • Whatever role you have within your church youth group, training will help you to be a more effective witness amongst young people.
  • Your church as a whole will benefit from having a better qualified team leading the youth work.

Why Teach Ministries UK?

  • We are passionate about the need to reach out to children and young people in a relevant way and is committed to organising training to help you be more useful in your church.
  • Our tailor made training helps to recognise the uniqueness of each situation. We realise every town, city and village is different, every church is different, and therefore training needs to be unique to your individual situation.

How does this work?

  • You organise for a group of local churches to get together. (If you prefer to have just your local church, that’s fine too.)
  • Organise the venue.
  • Decide what topics you want to be covered.
  • Contact us.
  • We do the rest!

What sort of material can be covered?

Please download the Training Leaflet PDF for all this information plus a list of topics covered.